About University of Pacific Albion

At University of Pacific Albion, we implement the best of our programs, policies and systems targeted towards our revolutionary vision of a worldwide online student community. Pacific Albion is committed towards providing superior online education by using its core strengths like its faculty and management.

Through its Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs in 16 departments of schools, we are giving students and professionals the chance to carry on their education with a full time job. Our online student area provides access to course study material, giving you the facility to study and review your course material at any time.

University of Pacific Albion’s salient features:

  • Experienced, dedicated faculty with relevant industry experience.
  • Scholarships for needy and deserving students offered
  • 24/7 access to course material through online student area
  • Flexible study schedule for students and professionals

Our Mission and Values:

Our focus on providing top quality online education has helped us devise a mission that speaks about our relentless commitment towards imparting education:

“To carry out our functions in such a way that makes it easier for working professionals and other students to have access to education anywhere, any time and complete their degrees at their own pace, according to their own needs and in their required field.”

We work towards our mission statement with the assistance of state of the art technical and managerial resources that make up the core of our university. University of Pacific Albion's programs know no boundaries; we aim to touch the lives of students across the world, no matter what religion or ethnicity they belong to.


University of Pacific Albion enjoys a global presence, with its campuses located in virtually every part of the world.
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University of Pacific Albion gives importance to institutions that are part of its Partnership Program.
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Our faculty includes renowned industry experts who are closely connected with their respective industries.
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At University of Pacific Albion, we strive to provide students with high-quality and affordable education.
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Career Center has been established with a sole purpose of guiding students towards brilliant future and better lives
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University of Pacific Albion is internationally accredited which further certify our commitment to deliver the best online education.
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